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Level Transmitters

Welcome to our dedicated space for Level Transmitters, where precision engineering meets the most advanced technology to offer you a versatile array of solutions for your level measurement needs. Our product range encompasses a variety of transmitter types, each designed to provide accurate, reliable, and efficient measurement across a wide spectrum of applications.

From the high-frequency precision of our Radar and Guided Radar Sensors to the versatile adaptability of our Ultrasonic Sensors, we deliver solutions that cater to the most demanding environments. Our Capacitance Sensors excel in detecting level changes in a variety of mediums, while our Magnetostrictive Float Sensors offer unparalleled accuracy for liquid level measurement, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your industrial requirements.

Level trasmitter products

Radar Non-Contact

Guided Radar


Hydrostatic Level

Submersible Hydrostatic Level


Bypass Liquid Level Indicator

Integrated Ultrasonic

EasyTREK – for solids

Compact Ultrasonic

Key Highlights of Our Collection


Featuring cutting-edge technology with high-frequency waves, perfect for measuring levels in a range of liquids and solids, even in challenging conditions


Offering non-contact level measurement with excellent signal processing, ideal for liquids, slurries, and solid materials



Combining the reliability of radar technology with guided wave adaptability, ensuring accurate measurements in diverse applications.


Specialised for environments where minute changes in level must be captured accurately, perfect for a wide range of industrial applications

Providing top-tier precision in level measurement, our sensors are designed for high-stake applications, ensuring robust performance and longevity

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