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Overfill Protection 

  • Prevent Overfills with our Electronic Overfill Protection Alarms. Our cutting-edge solution provides both audible and visual alarms during storage tank filling, ensuring a foolproof safeguard against potential overflows. Experience peace of mind and heightened safety with this advanced technology, designed to prioritize the protection of your valuable assets and streamline operational processes.

Overfill Protection  Prevent Overfills with our Electronic Overfill Protection Alarms

BC-2 Overfill Alarm 
Overfill Protection Alarm 

A safety device meticulously designed for monitoring storage tanks containing liquid operating media during filling processes or as a limiter for oil operation tanks. This comprehensive system comprises a display unit and a probe with a cable, offering a robust solution for a wide range of operating media.


From waste oil, diesel, FAME, liquid fertilizer, urea solution (AdBlue), fuel oil, fuel oil bio, industrial oil, liquid manure/slurry/silage leachate to oil/water mixture and vegetable oil, our Overfill Alarm ensures a reliable and versatile safeguard, prioritizing safety and preventing potential overflows in diverse applications

Key Features:

  1. Responsive Alert System: Instant visual and acoustic alarms triggered when the probe sensor comes into contact with the tank medium, ensuring swift and effective response.

  2. Convenient acknowledgement button for users to promptly respond to acoustic alarms, ensuring immediate attention and resolution.

  3. Dedicated test key enables users to easily assess and confirm the correct functionality of the overfill prevention device, ensuring ongoing reliability.

  4. Versatile External Connectivity: Seamless connection options for external test keys and acknowledgement buttons, providing flexibility in system integration and user interaction.

  5. Alarm 1: Permanently switched for immediate response during an alarm, ideal for connecting external warning lights to enhance visibility.

  6. Alarm 2: Similar to Alarm 1, but with the added capability of acknowledgment, suitable for connecting external acoustic signal generators for comprehensive alerting solutions.

BC-2 Overfill Alarm  Overfill Protection Alarm
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