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Site Easy:Optical (Drum)  Telemetry Control For Industry 

Product level monitoring in drums and tanks up to 2m. Easy installation, 5-year battery life, and efficient deliveries.
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SiteEasy-Optical Drum Monitoring 

"A battery operated liquid monitoring system for Drums"

Introducing our cutting-edge solution for non-ATEX product level monitoring in steel and plastic drums – a versatile tool suitable for workshops, car washes, and various industries. SiteInfo provides a unique overview for efficient deliveries and order planning, extending its application to any other storage tanks with a height of up to 2 meters.

The autonomous unit incorporates a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor for precise drum product level detection, communicating data seamlessly via Narrowband IoT. This innovative solution boasts easy installation, operating solely on battery power and ensuring an impressive 5-year service life.

Streamline your operational efficiency with SiteInfo's advanced technology, offering not just precise, autonomous, and enduring performance, but also versatility across various storage tank applications.

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