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Tank Telemetry Systems

Our product range, including Siteinfo, Site Monitor, Site Easy-EX, Site Easy-IBC, and Site Easy-Optical, offers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and real-time control. Tailored for diverse industry applications, experience transformative management, monitoring, and optimization of tank and drum levels for improved operational excellence."

Key Highlights of Our Collection


World-class Cloud Based remote  tank gauging with smart level monitoring, enhancing efficiency and sustainability in logistics and transport planning


Delivers precise remote tank level readings for multiple tank or silios with robust data integration, ideal for high-demand operational environments


ATEX-approved, battery-powered telemetry for reliable tank monitoring in remote locations, featuring long battery life and seamless connectivity



Specialises in IBC  and plastic tank monitoring, integrating advanced radar technology with regular data transmission for effective inventory management

Offers precise level monitoring for drums and small  tanks using ToF sensor technology, ensuring accurate data for informed operational decisions

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