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Site Monitor: Unmatched Remote Viewing Precision 

Discover unparalleled remote monitoring capabilities with Site Monitor, especially when paired with our cloud-based Site Info. This dynamic combination delivers operators the most robust and precise remote viewing application currently available in the market. Elevate your monitoring experience and streamline operations with Site Monitor and Site Info .
Sitemonitor for could based tank telemetry

"Site Monitor, a Swedish-developed communication solution, caters to individuals and companies with high demands, offering frequent reporting of measurement data through its robust features. With SiteMonitor, you gain access to SiteInfo's most advanced functionalities, providing simple and effective tank level monitoring with superior network coverage.

Key Features:

  • Reports every 10 minutes for up-to-date tank level readings

  • Connects to all known sensors on-site, facilitating the integration of multiple sensors for easy viewing on a customer bespoke dashboard

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Easy installation process

SiteMonitor ensures simplicity and effectiveness in tank level monitoring, offering the following advantages:

  • Always the latest software updates

  • Connected to mains power, eliminating the need for battery changes

  • Compatible with most sensor systems on the market and local systems

Ideal for those who prioritize quick detection and response to operational disruptions, SiteMonitor empowers you to control delivery volumes in real time. Trust Site Monitor to provide reliable and timely reporting, ensuring you stay informed about your current levels reported every ten minutes directly into SiteInfo."


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