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Process Control 

As proud partners of NIVELCO, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial automation solutions. From ultrasonic level transmitters to temperature measuring instruments, our products ensure precision, reliability, and safety across various industries. Explore our product line-up below and click on any item to access our product selector.

Customer Guidance:

When exploring our product range, consider the specific needs of your application. Click on any item below to access our product selector, where you can find detailed specifications and select the perfect solution for your requirements.

Step by Step Product guide

Key Highlights of Our Collection


  • Widest range on the market.

  • Integrated, compact, 2 and 4-wire transmitters for liquids and solids.

  • PFA-coated versions available for aggressive mediums.

  • Explosion-proof models for hazardous environments.


Level Control and Limit-Switching Solutions:

  • Reliable solutions for level control and limit switching.

  • Suitable for a wide range of media, including potable water, wastewater, aggressive chemicals, and solids.


Analytical Measurements:

  • Crucial for industries like water and wastewater, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, and power.

  • Ensures accurate analysis and control of various chemicals.



Open-Channel Flow Metering:

  • Offers 9 different sizes of Parshall flumes made of plastic (PP).

  • Ideal for flow measurement in open channels.

Temperature Measuring Instruments:

  • Vital for modern process automation industries.

  • Ranges from simple thermal sensors to high-tech, explosion-proof thermometers.

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