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Leak Detection 

Leak Detection  The LWG 2000 offers not just peace of mind but a robust safeguard against potential environmental hazards

The LWG 2000 offers not just peace of mind but a robust safeguard against potential environmental hazards. Its reliability in detecting leaks, coupled with its quick alert system, empowers users to address issues in real-time, minimizing the risk of environmental contamination and ensuring the integrity of the monitored installations. Invest in the LWG 2000 for comprehensive leak detection, providing a proactive and dependable solution for maintaining the safety and sustainability of your critical systems

LWG-2000 Leak Detection Alarm

Leak Detection Device LWG 2000, a sophisticated solution meticulously designed to monitor pipe or tank systems for potential leaks. This advanced leak alarm is specifically engineered to oversee installations involved in storing, filling, and transferring substances hazardous to water, ensuring proactive detection and immediate reporting of any leaks.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the LWG 2000 is engineered to swiftly respond to any signs of liquid leakage within the monitored system. The moment a liquid comes into contact with the device's probe, the leak alarm springs into action, delivering a dual alert system comprising both optical and acoustic alarms. This instantaneous response mechanism ensures that any potential leaks are detected promptly, allowing for swift intervention and mitigation measures.

Key Features:

  1. Features a potential-free relay contact for seamless connection to various devices such as burner pumps, warning lights, or acoustic signal generators, enhancing adaptability in diverse applications.

  2. Meets industry conformity standards, ensuring reliability and adherence to established regulations for heightened safety and performance.

  3. Supply Voltage: 230 V AC 50 to 60 Hz, ensuring consistent and reliable power input.

  4. Power Consumption: Energy-efficient operation with a low power consumption of 2.5 VA for sustainable performance.

  5. Sensor: Utilizes a metal-encapsulated PTC sensor for accurate and reliable monitoring.

  6. Protection Class: Designed with a durable IP30 protection class for safeguarding internal components from external elements, ensuring longevity.

  7. Offers the flexibility of extending the connection cable up to a maximum of 100 meters, providing convenient placement options and broadening the scope of applications.

 LWG-2000 Leak Detection Alarm
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