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-2-wire transmitter
-Non-contact level metering
-Narrow 5° beam angle
-Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software
-Temperature compensation
-32-point linearization
-PP, PVDF, PTFE housing and transducers
-Explosion-proof variants available
-Level and volume measurement
-Open-channel flow metering
-Fail-safe indication
-For challenging applications such as vapor, fume, mixing blades, and light foam
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of liquids, wastewater, aggressive chemicals and slurries
-Construction materials
-Chemical industry
-Food and beverage
-Oil industry
-Paper mill
-Water / wastewater industry


EasyTREK high-performance level transmitters represent the culmination of over four decades of NIVELCO's expertise in ultrasonic level measurement. These transmitters offer unparalleled precision and reliability, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications, from measuring sump tank levels to monitoring open-channel flows. Installed either on the tank's roof or above the liquid's surface, the EasyTREK transmitter generates an output signal—either analog or HART® digital—that is directly proportional to the liquid level.

The EasyTREK transmitter boasts integrated functionality similar to that of the EchoTREK, delivering consistent measurement performance. It offers remote readability and programmability via the HART® protocol, enhancing ease of use and accessibility. With two mounting options available—a 1½" and a 2" process connection—the EasyTREK transmitter offers versatile installation capabilities to suit diverse applications. Its 1" threaded neck facilitates suspension above the medium, making it particularly well-suited for water and wastewater applications.

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