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-2- or 4-wire transmitter
-Non-contact level metering
-Narrow 5° beam angle
-Excellent signal processing
-Temperature compensated
-32-point linearization
-PP, PVDF, PTFE housing and transducers
-Plug-in display module
-Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing
-Explosion-proof variants available
-Level and volume measurement and display
-Open channel flow measurement
-Fail-safe indication
-PACTware™ compatible
-For challenging applications such as vapor, fume, mixing blades, and light foam
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of liquids and slurries
-Construction materials
-Chemical industry
-Food and beverage
-Oil industry
-Paper mill
-Water / wastewater industry


The EasyTREK and EchoTREK high-performance level transmitters are the culmination of NIVELCO’s extensive 35 years of experience in ultrasonic level measurement. Whether tasked with liquid level measurement in sumps, tanks, tank contents measurement, or open-channel flow measurement, EasyTREK & EchoTREK transmitters provide unparalleled solutions. Installed on the tank roof or above the liquid surface, these transmitters deliver analog output proportional to liquid level or transmit HART® digital data.

The EchoTREK stands out as an intelligent compact ultrasonic level transmitter, offering a 4 – 20 mA output with optional HART® protocol. A plug-in display ensures local reading convenience, with removable functionality if display is unnecessary. Featuring four keys for programming, both display and keys are easily accessible under a removable cover. The unit is designed for tank-top mounting.

Meanwhile, the EasyTREK high-performance level transmitters, boasting IP68 ratings, integrate transducer and processing electronics into a single housing for enhanced durability. Leveraging HART® communication (HART® 7 for SP-500 series), these transmitters are compatible with multidrop systems connected to the MultiCONT process controller/display or a PC via the UNICOMM HART®-USB modem or similar. Wireless connectivity to a PC is facilitated through the SAT-504 Bluetooth® HART® modem.

The new EasyTREK SP-500 series features a more compact size, increased maximum measuring range, and decreased minimum measuring range, allowing for versatile applications. Remote programming is also available with a Handheld Field Communicator. Both models can be integrated into multidrop systems connected to NIVELCO’s MultiCONT process controller/display or a PC with the UNICOMM HART® USB / RS485 modem or similar.

With measurement ranges extending up to 25 m (82 ft), EasyTREK and EchoTREK offer broad application possibilities. These ultrasonic level transmitters utilize NIVELCO’s established SenSonic range transducers with a full beam angle of 5 to 7 degrees, connected to intelligent electronics featuring the QUEST+ advanced signal processing algorithm.

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