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-2-wire compact transmitter
-Stainless steel diaphragm
-Accuracy: 0.25%
-High overload capability
-Level and pressure management
-Plug in display module
-High-temperature range
-Explosion-proof variants available
-Viscous or corrosive materials
-Chemicals with dense vapor or gas layers above the surface
-PACTware™ compatible
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of most foaming liquids and masses in tanks and vessels
-Chemical industry
-Food and beverage
-Power plants
-Oil industry
-Water / wastewater industry

The NIVOPRESS D level transmitters are specialized for advanced tank management systems, designed to transform relative pressure readings into precise electrical signals in 2-wire configurations. These transmitters are perfect for comprehensive tank monitoring and level measurements, ensuring accurate and reliable data crucial for efficient process control.

Using high-quality silicone oil, with an option for cooking oil, these devices transmit pressure values from a durable stainless steel diaphragm to a sensitive piezoresistive sensor. Equipped with cutting-edge smart electronics and HART® communication capabilities, the NIVOPRESS D allows for seamless local and remote configuration, making it a versatile choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Available in both standard and explosion-proof (Ex ia) models, these transmitters meet the rigorous demands of safety and precision in environments requiring meticulous tank monitoring. The smooth diaphragm design not only supports operations in the food industry, handling substances like milk and pastes, but also ensures trouble-free maintenance and hygiene—vital for processes requiring regular cleaning to prevent clogging.

These transmitters are specifically engineered to operate effectively with atmospheric pressure conditions above liquid columns, making them essential for accurate fluid level control and pressure measurement tasks across multiple industries.

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