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-2-wire transmitter
-Non-contact level metering
-Narrow 5° beam angle
-Advanced threshold management
-Quick start mode
-Faster measurement cycle
-Service Interface
-Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software
-Temperature compensation
-99-point linearization
-PP, PVDF, PTFE housing, and transducers
-Explosion-proof variants (pending)
-Level and volume measurement
-Open-channel flow metering
-Fail-safe indication
-PACTware™ compatible
-For challenging applications such as vapor, fume, mixing blades, and light foam
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of liquids, wastewater, aggressive chemicals and slurries
-Construction materials
-Chemical industry
-Food and beverage
-Oil industry
-Paper mill
-Water / wastewater industry


The EasyTREK SP–500 Pro series level transmitters represent the pinnacle of NIVELCO's expertise in ultrasonic level measurement, with over four decades of industry-leading experience. These devices, rated IP68, integrate transducer and processing electronics into a single unit, ensuring robust performance even in challenging environments. Leveraging HART® 7 communication technology, EasyTREK transmitters are compatible with multidrop systems connected to the MultiCONT process controller/display or a PC via a UNICOMM HART®–USB modem. Remote programming is possible with a Handheld Field Communicator, and wireless connectivity to a computer is facilitated through an SAT–504 Bluetooth® HART® modem.

The EasyTREK SP–500 Pro series offers significant advancements, boasting a smaller size, an extended maximum measuring range, and a decreased minimum measuring range.


EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters excel not only in liquid level measurement but also in flow and tank volume measurement applications. This technology relies on measuring the time taken for ultrasound pulses to travel from the sensor to the measured level and back. Echoes bouncing back from the surface of the medium reach the sensor surface after the ultrasonic impulse's flight time. The electronics process these reflected signals, converting them into distance, level, volume, or flow proportional data using either customizable tank dimensions or pre-programmed flume/weir parameters.

Powered by NIVELCO’s renowned SenSonic range transducers with a full beam angle of 5 to 7 degrees, EasyTREK transmitters feature intelligent electronics equipped with the QUEST+ advanced signal processing algorithm. This sophisticated software ensures accurate and reliable level monitoring by identifying and validating the liquid surface signal, even in challenging conditions.

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