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-4-wire transmitter
-Non-contact level metering
-Narrow 5° beam angle
-Excellent signal processing
-Temperature compensation
-32-point linearization
-PP and aliminum housing transducers with PVC foam
-Joystick aiming device
-Explosion-proof variants available
-Level and volume measurement
-Fail-safe indication
-For challenging applications such as long distance measurement and light dust during filling
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of free flowing solids
-Chemical industry
-Food and beverage
-Mining industry


The 4-wire EasyTREK & EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitters revolutionize solids level monitoring tasks, surpassing the performance of previous two-part systems. These cutting-edge devices from NIVELCO are equipped to handle challenging environments where traditional methods have fallen short. Powered by NIVELCO’s high-efficiency SenSonic narrow beam angle transducers, these transmitters ensure exceptional signal transmission, enabling them to overcome filling noise, dusting, and irregular surface formations with ease.

The EasyTREK & EchoTREK units deliver high-performance, compact solutions for powder and solids level measurement, where precision is paramount. Leveraging the QUEST+ software with advanced process adaptive signal processing, these transmitters provide reliable echo monitoring, offering a best-in-class solution for solids level monitoring applications.

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