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PiloTREK WP–200 – integrated




-2-wire, 80 GHz (W-band) radar
-Measuring range up to 30 m for liquids
-Accuracy of ±2 mm
-Easy to install due to small antenna diameter
-1", 1½" encapsulated horn antenna
-Integrated design with IP66 / IP68 protection
-User-friendly threshold management
-Configuration via Bluetooth® with MobileEView app
-PACTware™ compatible
-Ex variant

-For measuring the level of liquids, emulsions, and other media
-For large-particle bulk solids
-Storage tanks, chemical tanks, open pits, sumps, wells
-Measurement through a plastic tank roof
-For material prone to vapor formation
-For measuring liquids with a gas cushion
-It can also be used in a vacuum
-Open-channel flow measurement
-Water and Wastewater Industry
-Energy Industry / Plant utilities
-Food & Beverage
-Pharmaceutical Industry
-Chemical Industry
-Marine applications
-Construction materials
-Heavy Industry
-Packaging Industry

Introducing the new PiloTREK WP–200 non-contact radar level transmitters, featuring state-of-the-art industrial measurement technology: the 80 GHz FMCW radar. This advanced radar technology offers significant advantages over lower frequencies (5…12 GHz and 25 GHz), including a smaller antenna size, enhanced focusability, and a narrower beam angle.

Utilizing the latest radar sensors, these transmitters are designed for precise measurements of liquids, masses, emulsions, and various chemicals prevalent in industries such as water, food, energy, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. With millimeter accuracy, they deliver reliable results in diverse industrial applications.

Equipped with microwave sensors, the WP–200 radar transmitters excel in measuring substances prone to vapor formation, as well as liquids with a gas blanket or large-particle bulk solids. These radar sensors are also adept at motion detection, range finding, object detection, proximity sensing, and target tracking.

In addition to level, volume, and weight measurements, this product family inherits functionalities for open-channel flow measurement and threshold settings, ensuring accurate readings and eliminating false and interfering echoes. Furthermore, the WP–200 radar transmitters can operate effectively in vacuum environments, making them versatile across various industrial settings.

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