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NIVOTRACK – integrated




-Low cost version
-2-wire integrated transmitter
-1 mm resolution
-Distance and level measurement
-Normal and mini rigid guide tube versions
-Stainless steel, titanium or plastic floats
-IP65 protection
-HART® communication
-Chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons
-Level monitoring of tanks
-Interface measurement
-5 years warranty

-Level measurement of liquids, with min. 0.4 kg/dm3 density
-Chemical industry
-Power plants
-Oil industry
-Water industry


NIVOTRACK MI-5 and MY-5 magnetostrictive level transmitters stand out as top-tier solutions for achieving high-precision measurements of clean fluids. Their exceptional accuracy makes them particularly well-suited for custody transfer applications, ensuring reliable and trustworthy measurements essential for critical operations.

The integration of NIVOTRACK transmitters into process control systems is seamless, thanks to advanced signal processing and communication software. Additionally, a comprehensive selection of accessories further enhances versatility, allowing for tailored configurations to meet specific monitoring needs.


These level transmitters operate based on a simple yet highly effective principle. A float, housing a magnetic disc, travels along a guide tube containing a magnetostrictive wire. As the electronics generate a pulse along the wire, it encounters the magnetic field of the float, inducing a torsion. This torsion causes the pulse to reflect and create an acoustic wave that travels back along the wire.

The transmitter's output, typically in the range of 4 – 20 mA, is directly proportional to the elapsed time between pulse excitation and detection. This reliable and precise measurement mechanism ensures accurate monitoring of fluid levels, making NIVOTRACK an indispensable tool in various industrial settings.

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