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Ajax Solutions


Ajax Solutions, an industry-leading fluid equipment supply and consultancy firm. Combining 30 years of industry experience with cutting-edge technology, we provide customized solutions for our clients' liquid storage, transfer, and containment needs.


Our range of world class  level measurement systems allow you to have full automated control and real-time data of your liquid, solid, and gas stocks. Our monitoring systems are used in applications  ranging in size from small containers up to industrial sized tank's.

Our team of specialist welders and expert consultants offer a wide range of services including bespoke design, fabrication, consultancy, and installation. Get in touch with Ajax Solutions today to learn more about our range of services


"this is a fuel storage tank with monitoring system"

 Smart Level Measuring Systems 

" this is our fabrication team"


"this is our consultancy team"


" this is our installation team"


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