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For drums, tanks, and other waste containers, it’s vitally important to have continuous control of the degree of filling.

"Waste oil storage tanks"

Monitoring systems for hazardous waste

In the UK, adherence to regulations mandates swift and accurate reporting for those handling hazardous waste—a task seamlessly accomplished with our intelligent cloud-based level monitoring system. Tailored for waste producers, recycling firms, and transporters, this system streamlines reporting, ensuring compliance is both effortless and immediate.

Beyond regulatory ease, our system introduces an elevated level of control, providing timely insights into when waste containers need emptying. Transporters benefit from simplified logistics planning, empowered with precise control over the pickup and transfer quantities. Elevate your waste management practices with a solution that not only meets regulatory demands effortlessly but also optimizes operational efficiency and control.

Easy to comply with UK compliance directive

Navigating the intricacies of hazardous waste demands precision, and our advanced level monitoring system is the key to ensuring correct and controlled handling. It empowers those in charge with complete oversight of hazardous waste containers, tracking quantities and facilitating informed decisions on additions or removals.

This encompasses a wide spectrum, including oily liquids and diverse materials from the process industry, each classified as hazardous. The right level monitoring system becomes a catalyst for optimizing logistics, simplifying transport planning in collaboration with waste management partners. It's not just about recycling; minimizing unnecessary transports is a vital aspect of reducing your climate footprint across the recycling value chain.

Having pioneered the waste segment for nearly a decade, our systems have  consistently simplified and streamlined waste management for companies and organizations. Trust in our systems to not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute to a sustainable and efficient approach to hazardous waste management.

" food and ingredient storage facility"

Advantages of smart level monitoring

  • Full control of levels

  • No customer downtime

  • Easy-to-plan logistics

  • Reduced climate footprint from transport optimisation

  • Optimised transports

  • Minimised work environment risks

  • Easy to get reports, analyses and forecasts about consumption and future needs

  • Customer satisfaction and increased competitiveness

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