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Case study: State of the art Level measurement solutions for wastewater and sludge pits


Case Study

Radar level measurement is at the heart of industrial-level monitoring and delivers accurate level measurement when it comes to detecting materials in tanks, silos, and other containers, where non-contact level measurement is required, such as in chemically aggressive environments and food and ingredients. Radar technology really stands out due to its ability to measure content levels through plastic tanks and vessels.

Application in a Wastewater Pump Station

The high-frequency 80 GHz operation of the PiloTREK WP–200 radar level transmitter offers reliable and real-time level-monitoring measurements in demanding wastewater management settings where conventional sensors prove inadequate. Its narrow beam angle allows for high measurement accuracy, making it valuable for industrial process optimization.

Application in the Sludge Pit

The PiloTREK WP–200 also operates effectively in sludge treatment solutions, even in dense foam conditions during aeration. The intelligent sensor technology accurately tracks the foam surface, proving to be an accurate and reliable solution in harsh environments.


Both applications demonstrated that the PiloTREK WP-200 works effectively in remote level monitoring, providing specific and precise level detection, thereby improving operational efficiency.


By applying Nivelco's advanced radar technology to level transmitters, this device represents a reliable measuring solution for industrial automation and environmental monitoring. Contact Ajax Solutions for more information.

Radar sensor installed in a sludge pit for accurate, non-invasive level measurement using advanced microwave technology, demonstrating effective monitoring in harsh conditions.
Ajax Solutions Pilotrek In sludge pit

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