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Smart level monitoring provides many benefits, also for sustainability purposes. You measure, control and plan efficiently – regardless of the type of bioenergy.

"this is a bio mass production facility"


In the dynamic landscape of bioenergy, spanning gases, liquids, and solids, our intelligent level monitoring system places you in complete command. Whether managing turnover, gauging replenishment needs, or facilitating emptying, our system employs diverse sensors tailored to the material in storage.

Notably, we've revolutionized the wood pellet industry with our connected systems, rendering most silos in Sweden digitally monitored. Our IoT-powered level monitoring brings immediacy and simplicity to your grasp of levels, even in unstaffed facilities. The data-secure system provides a comprehensive view of all containers under your purview, ensuring timely awareness of refill requirements.

What sets us apart is not just technology; it's the ability to seamlessly plan optimized delivery routes, assuring customers of on-time product delivery. By becoming a supplier known for reliability, you gain an unequivocal competitive edge, establishing yourself as the dependable choice in the bioenergy landscape.

How we work with Bioenergy

Harnessing facility data, our sophisticated system converts, analyzes, and stores information to provide a comprehensive overview for easy access. Offering a centralized hub, it empowers users with streamlined checks, strategic planning—especially for logistics—and optimized replenishment.

Transport coordination for your customers becomes a breeze, significantly reducing the climate footprint through efficient logistics. What sets us apart is the ability to conduct inspections safely and remotely, sparing your staff from hazardous in-person tasks, all seamlessly managed through our connected systems.

With our intelligent level monitoring, you're always ahead, instantly aware of when a container or cistern needs refilling. This not only allows for proactive measures but translates into enhanced customer satisfaction—a testament to our commitment to efficiency, safety, and client success.

"this are bio mass tanks"

The advantages of smart level monitoring

  • More efficient monitoring

  • Possibility to have service agreements

  • No downtime

  • Effective planning

  • Optimised logistics

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Increased competitiveness

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