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-2- or 3-wire submersible transmitter
-Capacitive ceramic, piezoresistive stainless steel and piezoresistive ceramic sensor
-Stainless steel or fully plastic body
-Venting tube in cable
-Reverse polarity protection
-Optional lightning protection
-Linearity error: ±0.25%
-Integrated Pt100 temperature sensor
-Explosion-proof variants available
-Detachable variants
-Borehole transmitter for the water industry
-PACTware™ compatible
-5 years warranty

-Level metering of small diameter pipes, sewage water, saline solutions, seawater, potable water
-Chemical industry
-Water/wastewater industry


The NIVOPRESS N hydrostatic borehole level transmitters are expertly engineered for precision tank management, specializing in the measurement of both clean and contaminated liquids within various storage systems. These transmitters are crucial for effective tank monitoring, offering unparalleled accuracy in level measurements across diverse applications.

At the heart of the NIVOPRESS N is a highly sensitive pressure sensor positioned at the bottom of the probe. It accurately measures the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column, denoted as Phydr, and effectively subtracts the atmospheric pressure, Patm, facilitated by a unique breathing capillary. This capillary is fitted with a moisture filter to ensure that humidity does not compromise the electronics, thereby maintaining measurement precision.

The electronics of the transmitter seamlessly convert the pressure readings into a reliable output signal, reflecting the exact height of the liquid column. For operations that require both level and temperature monitoring of the liquid, a combined level and temperature transmitter model is available, enhancing the functionality and application range of the device.

Installation and operation are simplified with an extensive range of accessories designed to support easy setup and integration into existing tank management systems. Whether for monitoring water levels in boreholes or managing liquid levels in industrial storage tanks, the NIVOPRESS N provides the technology and reliability needed to ensure efficient process control and resource management.

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