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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The NIVOCONT R series vibrating rod level switches are robust instruments designed for both low and high-level indication of granules and powders with a minimum density of 0.05 kg/dm³. Ideal for mounting on tanks, silos, or hopper bins, these switches effectively control filling and dumping processes and trigger alarm signals when necessary. Operating on a circuit-induced vibration in the rod probe, the vibration changes when the medium touches the rod. As the level drops and the medium no longer touches the rod, it starts to vibrate freely again. The electronics sense this change in vibration and send an output signal after a predetermined delay.

Vibrating rod level switches

  • ■ Length up to 20 m
    ■ Adjustable sensitivity
    ■ Highest process temperature: +160 °C
    ■ Universal supply voltage
    ■ Dust explosion protection
    ■ Fine-polished probe
    ■ IP67 

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