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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

NIVOSWITCH R−400/500 vibrating fork level switches, equipped with parallel vibrating forks, are engineered for precise liquid level detection. Whether mounted on pipes or tanks, these switches effectively control filling and emptying processes, offering fail-safe alarms for overfill or dry run protection. Operating on the principle of electronic circuit-induced vibration in the fork probe, the fork's vibration changes as the medium covers it. Once the medium recedes, the fork resumes vibrating freely, triggering the electronics to sense the vibration change and provide an output signal after a set delay. For aggressive mediums, the plastic-coated version is recommended, while the highly polished version suits abrasive mediums. PNP/NPN transistor output versions allow direct connection to PLCs or relay units. Certain types of NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks can handle high-current loads with UNICONT PKK switching amplifiers, with the UNICONT PKK–312–8Ex serving as a recommended intrinsic safety switching unit designed for Ex-rated vibrating forks.

Vibrating Fork Level Switches for Liquids

  • ■ Compact and mini compact version
    ■ Rod length up to 3 meters
    ■ ECTFE/PFA-coated version
    ■ Polished vibrating part
    ■ Hygienic versions with various process 
    connections and 0.5 micron fine polishing
    ■ Selectable sensitivity
    ■ Relay or electronic output
    ■ Switching performance does not depend 
    on the change of liquid conductivity, 
    dielectric constant, pressure and temperature
    ■ Process temperature max. +130 °C
    ■ Output can be toggled by test magnet
    ■ NIFLANGE weldable stainless steel flange variants
    ■ Ex, DNV variants
    ■ IP67, IP65/IP68

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