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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The UNICONT PJK series is an RS485-dependent universal interface module. The relay(s) and the 4…20 mA current output(s) provide the address set from the front panel by a DIP switch. The Universal Interface Modules can be widely used in the following applications:
■ Expanding MultiCONT® multichannel process controller with relays or current outputs
■ Peripheral unit of PLC process control systems
■ Peripheral unit of PC automated process control systems

The UNICONT PJK–100 universal interface modules provide an essential solution if the number of relays or current outputs of the MultiCONT is insufficient. The device can also serve as a peripheral unit for PLC or PC-controlled process control systems using the Modbus RTU protocol. The total number of relays for the UNICONT PJK–100 extension modules and the MultiCONT together must not exceed 64, and the number of analog outputs (4…20 mA) must not exceed 16. Within the UNICONT PJK–100 series, there is a special module with both relay and current output, with a maximum of 32 such modules. Programming the UNICONT PJK modules can be done via HART® or Modbus protocol with the central unit of the communication network, which can be a process control computer or a MultiCONT device. The switches on the front panel of the module are only for setting the address.


  • ■ RS485 interface
    ■ Modbus or HART® communication protocol
    ■ Output:
    – 2 current
    – 2 relay
    – Current and relay (for mixed systems)
    ■ DIN-rail-mountable

  • ■ Universal Interface Module
    – Expansion module for
    – For PLC process control systems
    – For automated process control
    systems operating on RS485 

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