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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The UNICONT PGK–301 Ex is a DIN-rail mountable, intrinsically safe power supply, limited to energy, for two-wire transmitters when intrinsic safety rules apply. Furthermore, it provides galvanic isolation from the explosion-hazard and non-explosion-hazard areas between the power supply, the signal input, and the signal outputs. Galvanic isolation ensures less likelihood of unwanted ground loops and reduces the possibility of noise entering the current loop. Depending on the type, signal transmission may be in the form of traditional 4…20 mA input / 4…20 mA output current transmission, using digital HART® communication, or both simultaneously. The microprocessor signal processing transmits the signal of the field current loop to the safe room, which inherently is a high-precision transmission. For precision transmitters, high precision is a must. If a fast conversion is preferred, it is better to go with high-speed types. Intrinsic safety limits are the maximum number of validly connected transmitters.

Unicont PGK- Intrinsically safe isolator / power supply modules

  • ■ Intrinsically safe isolation
    ■ Power supply for transmitters
    ■ 20…35 V DC supply voltage
    ■ 4…20 mA, HART® communication
    ■ Up to 1 μA transmission accuracy
    ■ DIN-rail-mountable
    ■ IP20
    ■ 5 years warranty

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