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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

NIVELCO UNICONT series 2-wire passive loop indicators are universally scalable process value indicators operating without a power supply. These process indicators are used where the process value has no control function, such as switching on/off or pressure control. UNICONT 3-wire HART® converters provide an optimal solution for applications requiring local display alongside remote data processing, integrating field transmitters with 4–20 mA output into the HART® multidrop system. These devices are suitable for both NIVELCO transmitters and any transmitters using standard 4–20 mA output.

The UNICONT PDF devices are digital, 2-wire passive / 3-wire active field process indicators suitable for displaying temperature, pressure, level, and more, featuring a 6-digit SAP–202 display. Explosion-proof versions are available for hazardous environments. HART® capable 3-wire UNICONT PDF process indicators require an additional power supply. These units not only display loop current or process values but also convert input current to HART® signals, enabling devices with analog outputs to be integrated into HART® multidrop systems. The robust enclosure makes them suitable for harsh conditions. The UNICONT PDF–600 series, with flameproof (Ex d) stainless steel housing, meets the special requirements of industries such as food and beverage, maritime, and oil & gas.


    ■ 4…20 mA input
    ■ 2-wire loop display
    ■ 3-wire 4…20 mA + HART®
    ■ Wall-mountable
    ■ Scalable display
    ■ IP67
    ■ Ex variant

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