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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

2-wire temperature transmitters with a 4…20mA analog output, or transmitter/indicator when equipped with a plug-in display, in a THERMOCONT TT field device. Intrinsically safe versions are available in standard and flame-proof housing. The detected temperature can also be transmitted via HART®. Temperature Transmitter THERMOCONT TT is ideal for determining the temperature of liquids in tanks and pipelines and that of free-flowing, powdery solids and gases. Ambient temperature measurements can be carried out using the wall-mounted versions. For the temperature of aggressive materials, probes made of PFA-coated stainless steel are available. Reinforced probe version An optimal performance not only for heavy chemical industries but also for oil and gas are the characteristics of this version. It is perfect for applications in which a robust probe is preferred. The transmitter is also available as a remote version, to be connected to a standard Pt100 sensor using a simple 4-wire cable.

Temperature Transmitter -THERMOCONT

  • ■ Temperature transmitting and displaying
    ■ Measuring range: −50…+600 °C
    ■ 4…20 mA output
    ■ HART® communication
    ■ Variety of head positions
    ■ Stainless steel probe
    ■ Plastic-coated version 
    ■ Flame-proof casing
    ■ Plug-in display
    ■ Strengthened probe version 
    ■ Ex variants
    ■ NIFLANGE weldable stainless steel flange variants
    ■ IP65 
    ■ 5 years warranty

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