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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a


Effortlessly monitor levels with unparalleled network coverage and seamless software updates. Say goodbye to battery replacements. Compatible with a wide range of sensor and local systems. Ideal for proactive response to operational disruptions and real-time delivery volume checks. SiteMonitor ensures your current levels are reliably reported to SiteInfo every ten minutes.

Site Monitor- For Integrating into existing systems-Mutitank-Mains Powered

    • Reports every 10 minutes for up-to-date tank level readings

    • Connects to all known sensors on-site, facilitating the integration of multiple sensors for easy viewing on a customer bespoke dashboard

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    • Easy installation process

    • Always the latest software updates

    • Connected to mains power, eliminating the need for battery changes

    • Compatible with most sensor systems on the market and local systems

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