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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The NIVOROTA rotary paddle level switch is designed to detect the level of lumpy substances, powders, grains, and granules. Installed on tanks, silos, and hoppers, it effectively monitors and controls the level, filling, and dumping of stored materials such as stone, ash, sand, coal, feed, beet slices, etc. A small electric motor drives the paddle, allowing it to rotate freely in the absence of material. When material reaches the paddle, the motor is deactivated, triggering the output switch. As the material level decreases, the paddle resumes spinning, the motor reactivates, and the switch returns to its original state. The NIVOROTA E-700 & E-800 series rotary paddle level switches combine all the advantageous features of the previous series into one unit. Dust Ex versions are also available for use in hazardous environments.

Rotary Paddle Level Switches

  •  Level switching of free-flowing solids
    ■ Extension cable or rod up to 3 m
    ■ Automatic motor shutdown
    ■ High-temperature version
    ■ IP67 
    ■ Dust-Ex certified version
    ■ Rotary force independent of 
    the supply voltage
    ■ Low supply voltage is indicated 
    by a blinking LED

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