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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The NIVOCAP CK capacitance level switches function as capacitance meters in the RF (radio-frequency) range, offering exceptional immunity to deposits. Particularly suited for viscous, sticky substances where vibrating or other contact measurement technologies may not be suitable, the NIVOCAP CK–100 stands out as an excellent choice. Its mechanical construction comprises a stainless steel probe and a reference probe sandwiched between two insulation layers. The microcontroller-based electronics continuously evaluate the voltage level proportional to the capacitance difference between the probes and the housing, ensuring more stable measurements compared to analog capacitance switches. Available only with painted aluminum housing, these units utilize the housing itself as one of the measurement reference points. The guard ring, an insulated section of the probe, allows for the disregarding of material deposits, preventing false switching. With a maximum probe length of 3 meters and extension cable or rod options up to 10 meters in length, the NIVOCAP CK series offers versatility. High-temperature and Dust-Ex approved models are suitable for harsh environments, making them ideal for power generation applications. For liquids, only the lower metallic part of the protruding probe is allowed to be in contact with the medium.

RF-Capacitance Level Switches

  • ■ Intelligent electronic level switch
    ■ Immune to material deposits
    ■ Easy calibration
    ■ Selectable sensitivity
    ■ Fail-safe operating mode
    ■ Extension rod or cable
    ■ Calibration with external magnet
    ■ High-temperature version
    ■ Dust-Ex variants available
    ■ 5 years warranty

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