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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

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The NIVOFLOAT NL–100 float level switch is designed for clean or slightly contaminated water, while the NIVOFLOAT NW–100 tilting-float level switch is ideal for sewage, tanks, basins, or cisterns. Both feature a waterproof, dual-chambered float made from injection-molded polypropylene, with the microswitch integrated into the float. The cable is routed through a waterproof sealed entry into the robust injection-molded plastic housing, using three 1 mm² copper wires insulated with PVC or Neoprene. The double-walled design ensures exceptional safety for users, offering both life and touch protection. The NIVOFLOAT switches are suitable for various control tasks, including liquid level monitoring and pump control, provided the operating conditions are properly selected.

NIVOFLOAT Float Level Switches

  • ■ Dual-chambered float
    ■ Switching differential is adjustable by counterweight (NL−100)
    ■ Special float shape (NW−100)
    ■ Up to 20 m cable length
    ■ Process temperature up to +50 °C
    ■ Process pressure maximum NL−100: 1 bar; NW−100: 2 bar
    ■ Variants for potable water available
    ■ IP68

  • ■ Suitable for drinking water
    ■ Industrial and communal sewage
    ■ Tank filling/emptying control
    ■ Overfill protection

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