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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

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NIVOCONT K conductive level switches are ideal for use in liquids with conductivity above 10 μS/cm. These switches detect liquid levels using a probe immersed in the medium. Available in single and multiple rod types, the probes and the conductive tank wall (if applicable) act as electrodes, with the liquid serving as the conductive material between them. Multiple-probe sockets can accommodate up to four rods, plus an additional reference probe if the tank wall is non-conductive. The probe length must match the measured level. When the liquid reaches the probe, it alters the loop's conductivity, activating the output relay. The device detects changes in conductivity between the probes and the reference probe. KLP separators should be used every 0.5 meters to maintain proper distance between the probes.

NIVOCONT K conductive level switch

  • ■ Level switching
    ■ Filling-emptying control
    ■ Selectable NO/NC relay function
    ■ Adjustable sensitivity
    ■ Adjustable ON/OFF delay 
    ■ Delay time indication
    ■ AC/DC versions
    ■ 5 years warranty

  • ■ For conductive liquids with at least 10 μS/cm conductivity
    ■ For empting/filling control or level switching
    ■ Fail-safe indication and pump control
    ■ Water inrush indicator

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