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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

NITIME time relays apply to every kind of timing task that is part of the technological equipment. The characteristic properties that make the NITIME time relay universally applicable to automation tasks for lights, pumps, heating and coolers, fans, and motors are the microprocessor-controlled operation, multiple functions, universal power supply voltage, and slim module width.

NITIME- Time Relay

  • ■ 2 and 10-function types
    ■ Wide time range
    ■ Small size
    ■ Universal supply voltage
    ■ DIN-rail-mountable
    ■ Relay output
    ■ IP20 

  • ■ Process controlling of repeated tasks
    ■ Timed cycling of pumps or compressors
    ■ Timing of technological equipments
    ■ Sequential control

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