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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The THERMOPOINT 2-Wire-Temperature Transmitters are designed for continuous multi-point temperature measurement, indication, and transmission of ordinary and hazardous liquids, powders, or granular solids. The temperature of grain, and feed stored in silos needs to be monitored to maintain the quality of the stored medium. Monitoring of the total volume of the silo is required in order to provide information on accidental quality loss or the appearance of germs or fungus. Eventual temperature increases will alert the operator to run an operation or recycle the medium. The temperature is recorded by electronic temperature sensors connected to equal distances in a plastic-coated stainless steel flexible tube. Each measuring temperature sensor will send the current measured temperature in the medium to the transmitter head. The 2-wire loop-powered transmitter head communicates through HART® with devices working out in the field to a MultiCONT or a PC back in the comfortable control room environment for further processing or data logging. A distinct advantage of MultiCONT-based systems is that, if level measurement is required, the system can be easily augmented with level transmitters. Another benefit of this technology configuration is that new transmitters can be easily added to the existing loop using its HART® communication.

Multi-point Temperature Transmitter for Solids

  • ■ 2-wire multi-point temperature transmitter
    ■ Communicates via HART®
    ■ PACTware™ compatible
    ■ Up to 50 m probe length
    ■ Up to 15 sensors
    ■ Max. 35 kN tensile force
    ■ Plug-in display
    ■ Replaceable sensors
    ■ Digitally addressed sensors
    ■ −40…+125 °C medium temperature 
    ■ IP67 
    ■ Ex variant
    ■ 5 years warranty

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