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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

The leak alarm LWG 2000 comprises a display unit for the optical and acoustic indication of a leak in a containment facility, along with a probe to be immersed in the operating medium for detection. The display unit and probe are connected by a connection cable. Leaks from the storage tank as well as the entry of liquids into the containment facility, are automatically displayed.


The display unit is designed to be wall-mounted and contains the power supply, display, operating elements, and all components necessary for evaluating signals from the connected probe. The alarm on the display unit functions as follows:

  • It is visually indicated by the red LED "Alarm."
  • It is audibly signaled by a buzzer.

Moreover, the display unit features a potential free relay contact for connecting an external power supply, such as a, pump, motor, warning light or acoustic signal generator.

Leak Alarm LWG 2000


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