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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

**The price for this product is for the base model. Please view the product selector to generate a product code and pricing for the product that suits your application.**


Experience unparalleled precision in level measurement with the NIVOPRESS D hydrostatic level transmitters. Operating in efficient 2-wire systems, these transmitters seamlessly convert relative pressure into direct current signals, offering a reliable solution for various industrial applications.


Cutting-Edge Design and Functionality:
The NIVOPRESS D features smart electronics and HART® communication capabilities, facilitating both local and remote programming for enhanced convenience and flexibility. Available in standard and non-sparking (Ex ia) versions, these transmitters are designed to meet diverse industry needs.


Optimized for Level Measurement Tasks:
Designed for measuring pressure at the bottom of tanks, the NIVOPRESS D front diaphragm level transmitters excel in level measurement tasks. Their innovative design also makes them well-suited for food applications such as milk and pastes. With a smooth membrane surface and a maximum permissible process temperature of +125°C, these transmitters ensure hygienic cleaning in applications requiring regular maintenance, minimizing the risk of clogging.


Versatile Application Across Industries:
The NIVOPRESS D is suitable for a wide range of level measurement tasks where atmospheric pressure exceeds the liquid column. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for industries requiring precise and efficient level monitoring solutions.


Elevate your level measurement capabilities with the NIVOPRESS D hydrostatic level transmitters, offering advanced features and unmatched reliability for industrial applications.

Hydrostatic Level Transmitters: NIVOPRESS D

  • ■ 0.25% accuracy
    ■ Gauge or absolute pressure transmitter
    ■ Piezoresistive sensor with
    stainless steel flush diaphragm
    ■ Wide pressure range 
    ■ Temperature compensation
    ■ HART® communication
    ■ PACTware™ compatible
    ■ Plug-in display
    ■ Wide variety of process connections
    ■ IP65 
    ■ Ex version
    ■ 5 years warranty

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