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my product is a cloud based monitoring system that analyses storage tank like ibc levels a

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Unlock precise level measurement capabilities with the NIVOCAP 2-wire capacitive level transmitters. Engineered to accurately measure both conductive and non-conductive liquids, these transmitters offer a reliable solution for various industrial applications.


Advanced Capacitive Technology:
The NIVOCAP operates on a simple yet effective principle, utilizing a probe and a reference probe as opposing plates of a capacitor. Whether the reference probe is the metal wall of the tank or a separate entity, the capacitance between the plates changes proportionally to the material's level. This change in capacitance is meticulously measured by the incorporated electronic circuitry to generate an accurate output signal.


Versatile Application:
Ideal for a wide range of liquids, the NIVOCAP provides precise level measurements regardless of the medium's conductivity. From conductive to non-conductive substances, this transmitter ensures reliable performance in diverse industrial environments.


Efficient and Reliable Operation:
With its streamlined 2-wire design, the NIVOCAP offers efficient installation and operation. The instrument's electronic circuitry seamlessly measures capacitance differences, providing a consistent and dependable output signal for effective level monitoring.


Elevate your level measurement capabilities with the NIVOCAP capacitive level transmitters, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability for industrial level measurement needs.

Capacitive Level Transmitters: NIVOCAP

  • ■ Maximum 20 m measuring range 
    ■ Vertical mounting
    ■ Rod or cable probe versions
    ■ −30…+200 °C process temperature
    ■ Up to 40 bar process pressure 
    ■ 32-point linearization table
    ■ Indirect assignment of 0% and 100%
    ■ IP67
    ■ 4…20 mA + HART® output
    ■ PACTware™ compatible
    ■ Ex version
    ■ 5 years warranty

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