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Revolutionise Your Monitoring with Atex-Certified PiloTREK W–200 Radar Sensors: Precision Meets Safety

We are thrilled to introduce our PiloTREK W–200 Radar sensors, available in both Compact and Integrated versions, and now in Atex versions for use with volatile products.

Key Features:

2-wire, 80 GHz (W-band) radar technology

Measuring range up to 30 m for liquids

Accuracy of ±2 mm

Easy installation with a small antenna diameter

1", 1½" encapsulated horn antenna

Integrated design with IP66 / IP68 protection

User-friendly threshold management

Configuration via Bluetooth® with MobileEView app

PACTware™ compatible

The Compact version offers a sleek design, while the Integrated version takes it a step further with a built-in display for local adjustments and readings.

These best-in-class sensors, now available in Atex versions, provide unparalleled precision, making them ideal for a variety of applications, including those involving volatile products. Whether you're in manufacturing, process industries, or beyond, our PiloTREK W–200 Radar sensors are here to offer the latest to the industry and elevate your monitoring and control systems.

In the realm of industrial automation and safety, the introduction of the PiloTREK W–200 Radar Sensors marks a significant milestone. These advanced sensors, designed for precision level measurement, are now available in Atex-certified versions, catering to the stringent requirements of hazardous environments. The integration of 80 GHz radar technology into our sensors ensures superior accuracy and reliability for liquid level measurement across a wide range of industrial applications.

Our Atex-certified PiloTREK W–200 models are engineered to meet the demands of industries dealing with volatile and explosive substances, offering a safe and efficient solution for level monitoring. The compact and integrated versions are tailored to fit various installation needs, providing flexibility and ease of use in challenging conditions. With IP66 / IP68 protection, these radar sensors guarantee durability and performance in the most demanding environments.

The MobileEView app and PACTware™ compatibility enhance the user experience by simplifying the configuration and calibration process, making it accessible and manageable from anywhere. This level of innovation and adaptability makes the PiloTREK W–200 Radar Sensors an essential tool for industries looking to optimize their processes and ensure safety in the workplace.

Embrace the future of level measurement technology with our PiloTREK W–200 Radar Sensors, and elevate your operational standards to new heights.

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