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NIVELCO Case Study: Elevating Steel Industry Efficiency with Innovative Level Measurement Solutions

In the competitive landscape of the steel industry, precision and reliability are paramount. In a recent success story, we explore how NIVELCO's cutting-edge measurement systems revolutionized liquid level monitoring and control for a leading steel producer in France.

Industry Challenges and Solutions

Our client, a prominent steel manufacturer based in Northern France, specializes in producing grain-oriented electrical steel—a critical component in energy-efficient transformers and generators. To ensure the highest quality standards in their manufacturing process, precise monitoring of liquid levels, particularly in small vessels used for demineralized water storage, was essential.

The NIVELCO Solution

Partnering with NIVELCO and C2Plus, our client implemented a comprehensive measurement system featuring the NIVOFLIP bypass liquid level indicator and the NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitter.

The NIVOFLIP bypass level indicator, with its 550 mm flange-to-flange distance, provided clear and visible optical display—a crucial feature for efficient monitoring in the steel industry environment. Paired with the NIVOTRACK transmitter, which offers high accuracy level measurement capabilities, the system ensured precise monitoring and control of liquid levels in the storage vessel.

Additionally, the installation included three MAK-100 level switches, offering high-limit, low-limit, and low fail-safe level alarm indications, further enhancing operational safety and reliability.

Operational Benefits

The implementation of NIVELCO's advanced measurement system yielded significant operational benefits for our client. Prior to adopting NIVELCO's solution, they had encountered challenges with conventional bypass units, including accuracy issues and unreliable performance. However, the NIVOFLIP and NIVOTRACK combination proved to be a game-changer, offering highly reliable operation and precise level measurement solutions.

With the new system in place, our client experienced enhanced efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing process. The seamless integration of NIVELCO's innovative technology not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned them for future success in the competitive steel industry landscape.


The success story of our client's experience with NIVELCO's measurement solutions underscores the importance of precision and reliability in industrial processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, they were able to optimize liquid level monitoring and control, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in their operations.

At NIVELCO, we are proud to partner with industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions that drive performance and excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced measurement systems can transform your operations.

NIVOFLIP bypass level indicator in the steel industry
NIVOFLIP-Case study France

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